Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What Kara Means To Me

I grew up in Philippines and moved to Dubai, chasing a dream to work in arts and fashion. Being in love with art for my entire life, I always had the creative fire inside me that had me see fashion as a creation of art for the human body. Of course, with this in line, I have always wanted to also work for a fashion designer, who not only would have beautiful work pieces, but also had a strong vision; who's designs and creations express not only the outside beauty, but also the inside beauty that one possesses.

 Before, I worked at a company that really wasn't in line with what I wanted, but instead only stayed for the sake of work experience. Sure, even though I didn't like my job, the experience made me stronger, and pushed me to look for the company that held my dream.

 I found all of this in KARA. What is KARA, you may ask?

"Kara represents a clothing line that appeals to a personality type over a profession; a mentality over a lifestyle. Others may tell you to be this way and that, but the best way for Kara to fit into your life is for you just to be yourself."

 Right here, the meaning behind their quote. This is why KARA fascinates me. I know every woman wants to feel comfortable, and that every woman wants something that compliments their figure and at the same time bring out their inner confidence. It fits so much in line with what I believe in, that one should always love the dress that they are wearing, without mattering if what their wearing is part of the trend, and just wear what they feel while loveing how they look. I think more women should also consider wearing clothing that has a meaning, a vision, a character, and a story behind it.

 So far, working in KARA has been great! I absolutely love what I am doing. I can actually even say that for me, working in Kara is not a job. It's a way of life, something that I really enjoy doing.

As of now, we're quite excited and eager to build a community that wants to collaborate with us. I think that’s what truly makes me happy right now. I want different, incredible people to work with us. I want to start supporting emerging bloggers, stylists, models and artists, and be a part of their dreams while at the same time, still remain so passionate about KARA. In some ways, this is more enjoyable for me than realizing my own dreams. I guess it's because I think that when you reach your dreams on your own, the only person that benefits is yourself. But when you help others with their dream, it becomes something that you share together.

Anyway, what is your dream? If you believe KARA could help you realize it, either as a fashion stylist, blogger, photographer, artist, or anyone who is willing to collaborate, feel free to contact us! And to the woman who knows what she wants, we want to see the Kara in you.

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