Tuesday, November 17, 2015


We are all born unique.  Each one with our own sense of style, personality, ideas and tastes.  There are many things that bind us together but at the same time set us apart.  We were not meant to be clones.  What would be the fun in that?

The need to express ourselves through our clothes started before we could analyze or even understand human behavior.  It came from the most basic need to just be ourselves.  Every element of our attire is a reflection of our individuality.  So, even if we dress alike, it will never be the same because we always add a bit of ourselves in the way we dress.

At Kara, this has been the foundation of our design process.  Every dress ever made has been cut to fit me or my staff.  Every dress therefore has a little bit of me in it.  Things I think about when I design are : Where will I wear it? Can I sit in it comfortably? Can I dance the night away without the dress looking like its been through a storm?  Does it make me feel special, confident, happy?  Does it make me look the way I want to? And last but the most important : Does it fit well?

When you purchase a Kara you are buying not only a dress but something that has been hand-crafted and created with a lot of special attention to detail.  When you wear it, you make it your own and when you are proud to show it off, our mission has been accomplished!

Love from Kara

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