Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Creating Your Own Dream

kanchan kulkarni

An airhostess! Always dressed impeccably, flying high and seeing more places than I could ever imagine to see. That is what I dreamed I would be when I was a young girl. I found out that you had to be a certain height and weight to qualify so I tried my best to stay in shape and did what I could to grow taller. I let go of my dream when I knew I was not going to be tall enough, but I guess I also let go because I created more dreams as time went on. There is no one path we are meant to walk and there is no one achievement that is over and above all else.

So, I decided to do what makes me happy without the fear of failure or social pressure to hit the imaginary milestones that no one understands but everyone follows. In my career so far, I have done several things without the fear of failure, and that gave me more pleasure than any other success could have because the ultimate goal was to always be happy and do the things that make you happy. I think I have been successful in doing that.

Kara, has been my creative journey into a world I never expected to be involved in. I always enjoyed being on the sidelines of fashion. My creative flair and strength was being an actor. Being on stage never intimidated me and I knew acting would be my medium to explore my creativity. However, life is not static and you can always find out new things about yourself and explore new possibilities if you are open to trying.

Kara has given me not only a new creative medium but also a brand new approach to how I want to express myself, run my business and interact with others. It is a way of expressing my emotions through design, colours, beads and fabric. It has given me courage to put myself ‘out there’. The thrill of seeing my designs be a part of my client’s happy moments never diminishes.

The goal to do what makes me happy has always been the same but the medium didn’t have to be. I wish everyone finds what they love and they also find the courage to just go out and chase it.

Kanchan xoxo
Founder and Designer

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